Teaching Faculty

Module: Change Leadership
Dr Christine Kuch
Dr Christine Kuch, Dipl.-Psych., medcoaching – since 1994 solution focused consultant for organisational change and research projects in health care organisations in Germany and other European countries. Trainer for solution focused project management, leadership, cooperation and communication, for the German Medical Association and State Chambers, Charité, University Clinic of Cologne a.o. Since 2021 Lectureship “Solution Orientation for Managers” at the Dresden International University (DIU) in the Health Care Management study program
Professor Dr Raymond Voltz
Professor Dr Raymond Voltz is a neurologist, took over the newly founded Chair for Palliative Medicine at the University Hospital at Cologne in 2004. He is one of the founding members of the German Society of Palliative Medicine and has been its vice president. He is member of different medical boards and reviewer in different national and international professional associations and journals. a.o
Module: Evidence-Based Leadership
Dr Cristina Monforte-Royo
Dr. Cristina Monforte-Royo has a Master in Nursing, a Ph.D. and is a Senior Lecturer. She is the Director of the WeCare Chair, among the only accredited research groups dedicated to palliative care in Spain. Her research has established understanding of and targets to reduce suffering through the use of complex interventions and qualitative methods. Her teaching is focused on these areas.
Denise Pergolizzi
Dr. Pergolizzi has a Ph.D. in Psychology with training in psycho-oncology. She is a researcher with the WeCare Chair leading projects identifying patient needs and experiences that impact end of life outcomes. Her teaching will focus on the design, analysis and implementation of research in palliative care.
Deborah Moreno-Alonso
Deborah Moreno-Alonso is a haematologist and palliative care specialist. Her research focuses on end-of-life care for patients with haematological diseases. Her current role as a collaborating professor is to continue teaching about the special needs of this population, as well as mentoring PhD students on overlooked rare haematological diseases such as multiple myeloma.
Mariona Guerrero-Torrelles
Mariona Guerrero-Torrelles is nurse specializing in palliative care with CUIDES, a joint clinic between the General Hospital and the International University of Catalonia (UIC). She also has a PhD and is alumni of the European Palliative Care Academy, ensuring a clinical focus in her teaching to develop leadership skills.
Natalia de Iriarte Gay de Montella
Natalia de Iriarte Gay de Montella is an M.D. in Internal Medicine specializing in care for cancer patients across the cancer continuum. She also has a Ph.D. in Health Sciences and is the medical director of the CUIDES palliative care clinic. Her clinical expertise and advanced research knowledge will be leveraged in teaching best standards in and cultural influences on palliative care.
Joaquim Julià i Torra
Joaquim Julià i Torra is a doctor, the Director of the Catalan Institue of Oncology (ICO) in Badalona and Service Chief of Palliative Care. He is also Vice President of the Spanish Society of Palliative Care (SECPAL). These roles allow him to contribute to an applied science perspective of the day-to-day workings of palliative care leadership.
Maaike Vandeweghe
Maaike graduated from the KATHO (Roeselare, Belgium) in 2002 as a general and mental health nurse. She started her professional career working on mental health A&E units in Belgium and then moved to Aruba (Caribbean) where she worked on a mental health A&E unit and the local prison. She moved to the UK in 2006 and has since worked in Nursing Homes and Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice where she developed a palliative care service for care homes and then also developed and established an education department.
Module: Leadership for Practice
Dr Michael Connolly
Dr Michael Connolly is Joint Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing and the Coordinator for this module. He is a graduate of our EUPCA Leadership in Palliative Care programme.
Dr Mary Bell
Dr Mary Bell completed the Bachelor of Nursing Studies (BNS) in 1993. Afterwards she registered as a Nursing Tutor (RNT) with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. She is currently Nurse Tutor at Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, Adjunct Lecturer/Assistent Professor at UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems und Adjunct Lecturer at TCD School of Nursing and Midwifery.
Ms Audrey Houlihan
Audrey Houlihan is CEO of Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services. She has a HR and Finance background and many years of experience in both the private and public sector. She has Diplomas in Quality and Leadership and Employment Legislation, a BA in HR and an MA in Public Management.
Ms Mary Flanagan
Mary Flanagan is Adjunct Associate Professor of Nursing at University College Dublin School of Nursing Midwifery and Health since 2015. She has a Master in Leadership and a Certificate in Teaching from English Nursing Board. Her focus on teaching is Leadership and Personal Development, Change Management and
Ms Geraldine Tracey
Geraldine Tracey is an alumni of our 2017-2019 EUPCA course “Leadership in Palliative Care”. She is a Registered Nurse Prescriber and Head of Nursing & Operations at Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, Blackrock & Wicklow Hospices.
Ms Karen Charnley
Karen Charnley is the Director of All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliatice Care. She holds a certified project management diploma from IPMA® for professional accreditation and has a Master in European Union Politics from the University of Liverpool.
Dr Christine Kuch
(for further information see Module: Change Leadership
Maaike Vandeweghe
(for further information see Module: Evidence-based Leadership)
Module: Leadership in Teams
Rev Prof Piotr Krakowiak
Rev. Prof. Piotr Krakowiak works at the NC University in Torun. Involved in hospice-palliative care since 1990 as volunteer, chaplain and volunteers coordinator. After studies in Italy and the US he worked as a psychologist and manager of a Hospice in Gdansk. With Hospice Foundation he supervised nationwide program “I like helping” for volunteers. His research concerns non-medical aspects of end-of-life care.
Prof Dr hab Monika Lichodziejewska-Niemierko
Prof Dr hab Monika Lichodziejewska-Niemierko is a specialist in internal medicine, nephrology and hypertensiology. She is the head of the peritoneal dialysis unit at Gdańsk Medical University and the head of the Department of Palliative Medicine at the Medical University. She holds courses for medical students on palliative care.
Dr hab Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka
Dr hab Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, Diversity & Inclusion expert & educator, works as an Associate Professor in the Division of Cross-Cultural Psychology and Psychology of Gender at the University of Gdańsk (Poland). Her main area of research and practice is cross-cultural psychology of gender and her special interests are social change and cultural cues fostering equality and inclusion within societies across the world. Expert for City Policy and regional model of Migration and Integration of Immigrants in Gdansk.
Dr Anna Janowicz
Doctor of Social Science, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, WSB University in Gdansk
Dr Anna Janowicz is one of the graduates from the first EUPCA course whose expertise in palliative care will now be used to teach participants from the second cohort. She has completed a PhD in Social Pedagogy and Intercultural Education at Ignatianum Academy in Kraków. Previous to that she completed a Masters in Philology and Education. She is lecturer of the WSB University in Gdansk and head of the Hospice Foundation and Father Dutkiewicz Hospice, Gdansk, Poland.
Dr Aleksandra Modlinska
Dr Aleksandra Modlinska is a specialist in internal medicine, palliative medicine and diabetology. She has been working in palliative medicine since graduating from the Medical University of Gdansk in 1995. She is currently the director of the St. Joseph’s Hospice inpatient unit in Sopot and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Department of Palliative Medicine at the Medical University of Gdansk, specialising in palliative medicine and interprofessional cooperation.
Anna Wyszadko
Anna Wyszadko, psychologist since 2003, assistant at Palliative Medicine Department, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland; basic trainer in Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (after N. Peseschkian); psychotherapist. Involved in educating both medical workers, patients and their relatives on effective communicating, coping with diverse life circumstances including end of life issues, holistic perception of person, balancing oneself and interprofessional cooperation.
Maaike Vandeweghe
(for further information see Module: Evidence-based Leadership)
Module: Advocacy in Leadership
Professor Dr Daniela Mosoiu
Professor Dr. Daniela Mosoiu trained as oncologist with subspecialty in palliative care. As Director for Education, National Strategy and Development at Hospice Casa Sperantei, Brasov and leader of the Romanian palliative care movement she supervises the educational programs, national development and advocacy work. She coordinates the master program at Transylvania University and is faculty in the LDI program in San Diego.
Dr Nicoleta Mitrea
Dr. Nicoleta Mitrea, Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine – Nursing Division, University of Transilvania from Brasov and Director of Education and Development – Nursing, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Romania. She has a bachelor degree in nursing and economics, a Master degree in palliative care and PhD in Medicine. She is involved as a coordinator and teacher in the palliative care nursing educational programs at all levels of education in Palliative Care: basic, intermediate and specialized; for clinical and non-clinical staff. She is also a clinical expert and nursing professional advisor for Palliative Care services, nationally and in the Region.
Flavia Hurducas
Flavia Hurducas, Manager of Education and Resources Center for Palliative Care. Licensed in political studies, she has been working for HOSPICE Casa Sperantei since 2008. In this role she is supervising the center’s activities and team. As an accredited trainer, she teaches courses related to organizational development, management and adult teaching techniques. She is also doing project management for projects runned by Hospice Casa Sperantei.
Malina Dumitrescu
Malina Dumitrescu is the Director for Program Development and Public Relations and one of the founders of Hospice Casa Sperantei. She holds a Master Degree in palliative care. Over the past 20 years she has been involved in advocating for palliative care at national and local level. She offers support for knowledge transfer to new palliative care services regarding organizational, administrative and legal aspects and is trainer since 2000.
Laura Iosub
Laura Iosub, Public Relation Coordinator for Education and Development at HOSPICE Casa Sperantei (HCS) Postgraduate in Fundraising and Project Management Degree, she has been working for HCS since 1998. As Fundraising Director, she ran and coordinated local and national campaigns and events and proposed new and innovative ways for fundraising. She also teaches courses regarding organizational development.
Camelia Ancuta
Camelia Ancuta is a nurse and she has been working in HOSPICE Casa Sperantei since 2004. Licensed in nursing and graduated the master’s program “Management and strategies in palliative care” at Medicine Faculty, Transylvania University in 2012. She is involved in Palliative Nursing Education at basic, intermediate and specialized levels for health care providers in the country and the Region. As a team member in Education, National Strategy and Development Department she is working in developing palliative care at the national level.
Andreea Tirea
Andreea Tirea is a Communications Specialist at HOSPICE Casa Speranței and a former journalist. Licensed in Journalism, with over 17 years of expertise in the field of PR and journalism (radio and television), she is a resourceful person, always eager to be part in one of a kind projects outside the classic media relations, always ready to embrace a new challenge.
Maaike Vandeweghe
(for further information see Module: Evidence-based Leadership)