Anže Habjan




Anže Habjan


Palias, Society for Paliative care, Lesce/Jesenice









“The echo of recognition”; Basic education of palliative care for social, health and nursing care professionals in nursing homes



Palliative care in Slovenian nursing homes needs further improvement, since there is a lot of ignorance and misbelieving about palliative care and the dying. The staff in nursing homes should gain more knowledge and skills for better care (Palliative care) and strategicly this means to improve the quality of services in nursing homes and the lives of caretakers in nursing homes.



Implementation of 30 hour curriculum, done by selected experts, of education in palliative care in 70% of all nursing homes in Gorenjska region, or that the project is carried out at least once and the results can be expected until May 2019. With this project, we want to achieve an improvement in knowledge, increasing the skills in the field of palliative care in nursing homes in Gorenjska region.



The curriculum will be implemented in four hours meetings, which will be held once a week. The sessions will be in nursing homes. The working methods that will be used in the work will be lectures, workshops, independent and group work. A 100 percent presence would be required. The content of the curriculum follows international guidelines on education in palliative care. Target groups in nursing homes are social, health and nursing care professionals.



Implementation of education at least once. Increasing knowledge and skills in the field of palliative care in nursing homes. An example of good practice for education on palliative care in nursing homes.