Canan Tuz

Marjana Bernot


Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University , Erzincan









Teaching palliative care to undergraduate medical students in Turkey



Palliative care (PC) education has become a priority in Turkey where PC is quickly developing. There remains, however, a lack of information on acceptability and medical students’ experiences in PC education. In order to graduate physicians prepared to effectively address clinical issues in palliative medicine and to comply with the primary care requirements, it is planned to integrate a coordinated four-year palliative care (PC) curriculum. Çıtıl et al, in 2014, reported that 48.1%of undergraduate medical students have the knowledge of PC but there is still lack of information about needs, perceptions. In many countries, there is a curriculum developed and integrated both in Europe and Canada. At the document Palliative Care: The Solid Facts, teaching Palliative Care and end of life skills to health care students can be a way to improve the health care in general.



The goal of the project is to develop a curriculum of palliative care for undergraduate medical students in Turkey. The curriculum is planned to be consisting of the special needs of the country and specialized for undergraduate medical students.


Methods / process

Literature research, connecting with associations, statistics