Karolina Pawłowska

Marjana Bernot


Father E. Dutkiewicz Hospice, Gdańsk









Carers needs assessment tool



Patients in Home Hospice for Children are under it care for a long time, often months, usually years. There is lack of long-term oriented program for support their primary caregivers, who are often focused only on their duties towards children.



Creating a needs assessment tool for family carers in a Home Hospice for Children. This tool will be used for primary carers to help them recognize their needs and ultimately empower them, improve their social status, wellbeing, physical and psychological condition. PPC professionals will be able to adjust their help to carers individual needs.


Methods / process

It is necessary to compare literature and practices in different countries of Europe and the world. This will require a method of searching and comparing data and direct contact with palliative care professionals working in various countries. This will be followed by cooperation with national palliative care professionals and consultations with family carers through ‘reading aloud’ method.


Intended outputs / impact

Knowledge about various solutions for carers provided in other countries can inspire professionals for improving care and creating individual support plans for carers. Created tool can be spread to other paediatric palliative care institutions. Group of primary caregivers will feel empowered, more self- aware and able to overcome difficulties related to their current position and future. The biggest goal is to help carers with their wellbeing, self-efficacy and self-esteem despite rough situation.