Zuzana Křemenova

Marjana Bernot


University hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Prague


Czech Republic







Dying matters



There aren’t any data about cost-effectiveness of hospital palliative care in Czech Republic. Firstly, I would like to describe length of last hospitalization and utilisation of resources in dying phase in the group of patients, who died with (interventional group) and without (control group) the support of palliative care team (i.v. antibiotics use, days spent in ICU, CT/MRI scans during terminal hospitalization, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in the last month of life). Secondly, I would like to find out, if dying phase, prognosis and patients ́ preferences were documented in medical records and if there is any difference between interventional and control group and describe the differences in documented bereavement support of family members.



Describe the differences in dying phase of the patients and their families with and without support of a palliative care team in University hospital Kralovske Vinohrady (FNKV), Prague, Czech Republic, in years 2019-2020


Methods / process

Retrospective controlled study/exploring of patients past medical records (250 patients in both groups)


Intended outputs / impact

To prove cost-effectiveness of hospital palliative care in the group of dying patients in our hospital and to get data for future negotiations with insurance companies.