Personal Development

The aim of this module is to allow participants to grow as authentic leaders by developing self-awareness concerning their own strengths and weaknesses, the role of members in the team and leadership styles. The transformational leadership theory is used as theoretical framework for the module. The module starts by clarifying the concept of leadership in order to create a common understanding, following which participants explore their preferences according to Myers Briggs typology inventory (MBTI) and critically reflect on how these preferences impact their daily practice. Participants are then guided through the 5 stages of the leadership journey and the appropriate practices. SWOT–Analysis is introduced as a tool useful for analysing both personal and organisational Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Leading teams is part of the day to day role of a leader and participants have to understand and appreciate the role that each team member plays. In order to handle difficult issues in the team and also to work with other organisations, leaders need to develop negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Enhancing presentation skills is part of the learning process during this module. The final sessions look at participants’ awareness of their own leadership style. Reflection on their leadership journey during the 1.5 year course is also incorporated into the last session.