EUPCA Alumni speaks at IAHPC Side Event at UN Working Group Session

EUPCA alumni Simone Cernesi from Italy is a leading member of the Giotto Movement (Family Doctors Association). He is responsible for the Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine special interest working group.

As the movement supported and disseminated the new Palliative Care IAHPC definition, they were invited to the United Nations headquarters in April, to an IAHPC-organised side event at the UN Open Ending Working Group on Aging (OEWGA10).

Simone participated as a speaker. He illustrated the national laws relating to palliative care, the role of Family Medicine and what the Giotto Movement is doing to facilitate access to palliative care for older persons in nursing homes as well as the home care setting. The message he wanted to divulge was the importance of primary care with respect for human rights for older people, as they see palliative care as a human right.

Simone explaines: „Without Primary Care, it will not be possible to reduce the inequality of access to the most vulnerable population groups. General practitioners and primary care nurses must participate in the Advocacy processes if we want to make progress in palliative care. We support the vision and the work of EAPC Primary Care Reference Group and we divulge best practice to Italian new generation of Family doctors.“



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