European Palliative Care Academy 2017-19: 2nd Course Week in London

The second course week of the European Palliative Care Academy took place in the middle of March. The EUPCA participants spend one week at the Cicely Saunders Institute at King’s College London.

The focus of the London week was the research module of the course. Dr Jonathan Koffman, Dr Catherine Evans, and other experts instructed the emerging palliative care leaders on many crucial aspects of research. The Cicely Saunders Institute is known for its cutting-edge research in the field of palliative care which made it the perfect surrounding for the EUPCA participants to develop their knowledge and skill base in the subject of research which is essential for promoting high quality palliative care practices.

The module was introduced with a debate to emphasize the importance of evidence. In following sessions study and questionnaire designs were explained, and participants learned how to plan and conduct a study including quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. Ethical aspects, the development of complex interventions, and methods of critically appraising research papers were also discussed. One participant said: “It is very useful to show how theory and practice are related”.

The EUPCA participants also had the chance to visit the St. Christopher’s Hospice as part of the Local Best Practice module. As the first modern hospice ever built it is a place worth visiting for emerging palliative care leaders to get inspired. Participants really enjoyed the session at the Hospice: “Mary’s memories and experiences were really amazing. The environment and all the staff were so friendly and smart.”

During the sessions of the Personal Development module the topics team and self-awareness were discussed.

As participants had started working on their personal projects in September, there were also Project Management sessions with room to discuss and exchange individual progression, problems and funding.


Thanks to everybody who helped making this great course week in London possible!